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Guinea Integrated Plan for Fostering PPP in the Electricity Sector

  • Client: Conakry- Guinea 
  • Location: MEHG 
  • Services: Financing 
  • TAGs: Biomass, Hydro, Solar, Win 


    • Analysis of the private sector role in Guinea’s energy sector
    • Benchmark of PPPs in the energy sector (success stories)
    • Structuring possible partnerships and elaboration of an implementation       strategy, including financial and legal matters


The “Guinea Integrated Plan for Fostering PPP in the Electricity Sector” project, consisted of financial, technical and juridical consultancy services to be supplied to MEHG ( Ministry of Energy and Hydrolics of Guinea): by Al Mubadala Investment, Energy Innovation and Fernades Hearn Law Firm, bringing together, in a single operational document, the vast set of measures and projects that the Angolan State intends to materialize in partnership with the private sector, as well as auxiliary measures require to achieve this objective.


The “Guinea Integrated Plan for Fostering PPP in the Electricity Sector” included the following activities:

    • Enabling measures – comprehensive survey of all measures to be carried out and which are related to creation of conditions for the establishment of partnerships with       the private sector;
    • Individual projects – analysis of all production projects in relation to which there is the intention to implement by means of partnerships with the private sector, and the       dimension of which requires that the launching be carried out separately;
    • Combined projects – identification of production/distribution projects to be launched through partnerships with the private sector, the dimension of which requires that       they be launched as a group;
    • Program Implementation – listing and characterization of enabling measures, listing and characterization of projects to be implemented as PPPs / or under the PPP       format, approximate implementation time schedule and analysis of budget viability.